1. Graduation Credits

The total graduation credits is at least 36, including:

  1. Dissertation Credits: 6
  2. Requirement Credits: 6
  3. Elective Credits: 24

2. English Proficiency

All students have to pass TOEIC Score over 550 or other similar English Test license issued by International or Government institution.

3. Research topics

The topics of dissertation should be concerned with fields about: Marine Leisure Management.

4. Publication

All students should publish conference or journal papers before graduating, and get at least 3 points. Publish points like below:

  1. Publish SCISSCIA&HCIEITSSCI Journal Papers: 5 points.
  2. Publish Journal Papers of Review System: 4 points.
  3. Publish Full Text in Journal Papers of no Review System, or Oral Publish Full Text in Conference, and Full Text are Included in Symposium of Conference: 2 points.
  4. Oral Publish Full Text in Conference:1 point.
  5. Writing Awards:1 point.
  6. Poster Publish 1 point.

(1)~ (6) Publish in English adding 1 point.

5. Curriculum

1 st Year

1 st Semester 2 nd Semester
Requirement/ Elective Subject Credit Requirement/ Elective Subject Credit
Requirement Research Method (1) 2 Requirement Research Method (2) 2
Requirement Seminar(1) 1 Requirement Seminar(2) 1
Elective Marine Leisure Human Resource Management 2 Elective Marine Industry Policy 2
Elective Sightseeing and Environmental Changes 2 Elective Analysis of Marine Leisure Industry 2
Elective Reseach of Marine Sports Injuries and Protection 3 Elective Marine motor skills 3
Elective Marine Leisure English Language 2 Elective Special Topics on Marine Physical Fitness 3
  Elective Marine Leisure management 2
  Elective Study for development of the Marine Sport Industry 2
  Elective Ocean Leisure English Reading 2

2 st Year

1 st Semester 2 nd Semester
Requirement/ Elective Subject Credit Requirement/ Elective Subject Credit
Elective Thesis 6 Elective Monograph on Strategic Management of Marine Leisure Industry 3
Elective Marine Leisure Consumer Behavior Monograph 2 Elective Monograph on Quality Management of Marine Leisure Services 2
Elective Marine Leisure Resource and Environment 3 Elective Monograph on Marine Leisure Psychology 2
Elective marine recreational impact 2 Elective Monograph on Marine Event Management 3
Elective Marine exercise physiology research 2
Elective Cruise and yacht tourism 3
Elective On special Maritime Museum 2
Elective Marine Leisure Resort and Club 2
Elective Practice Outside the Campus 2
Elective English Buisness Writing 2